We offer a variety of engaging and highly creative workshops as well as custom workshops to help groups, teams, leaders and companies solve specific issues and reach their goals. After two-hour, half-day, full-day or multiple-day workshops, our clients leave feeling energized, excited and renewed with purpose. Our interactive and immersive workshops, too many to list here, travel as well — we will come to you wherever you are in the world. When in doubt, workshop it!

Foundations of Clarity

No. 005


Workshop Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of your organization’s identity: characteristics, purpose + values
  • Where the organization is today: “current state” + where we are trying to go – “future state”
  • A well defined vision statement

interactive, immersive and extraordinarily positive team-building experience

The Foundations of Clarity™ workshop is an essential step we take with our clients to help them uncover the DNA of their organization. We use the principles of positive psychology to help reveal what’s inherently good and unique about the organization. This is an interactive, immersive and extraordinarily positive team-building experience that helps leaders find greater clarity within their organization.

Mapping Clarity

No. 006


strategic imperatives

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Systems + processes
  • Learning + growth

Workshop Outcomes

  • A full SWOT Analysis
  • Clearly articulated strategic imperatives
  • A strategic roadmap ready for execution

we help identify your three to five key themes or strategic imperatives

The Mapping Clarity™ workshop provides a practical approach for leadership teams to create a strategic plan that is executable and the roadmap to help achieve their vision. Beginning with a traditional SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, we help identify your three to five key themes or strategic imperatives. We then look at the strategy map by its four different perspectives (financial, customer, systems + processes, and learning + growth) and will populate specific objectives and initiatives in each perspective.

Clarity in Action

No. 007


Workshop Outcomes

  • An enterprise behavioral competency model
  • A behavioral interviewing methodology for identifying cultural “fit”
  • A behaviors roadmap for developing bench strength

We help you define core behaviors and provide guidance for talent management.

The nucleus of your culture includes your core values and core behaviors. In this workshop, we are focused on defining the core behaviors that everyone in your organization commits to exhibiting. These competencies will be chosen through discussion and collaboration among leaders so that there is alignment around what type of culture already exists, what type of culture you want to create, and what type of people you want to be part of the organization.

Clarity 360

No. 008


Workshop Outcomes

  • Assess + review how the organization is performing
  • Better understand strengths + weaknesses
  • Identify and prioritize key organizational goals and objectives
  • Create a roadmap for what’s most important to the bottom line

Get a full 360 degree view of your organization.

The Clarity 360™ workshop offers leadership teams the opportunity to assess and analyze performance across 12 key areas of their organization. It helps set priorities and goals naturally as the most obvious needs come to light.