Bermuda Leadership Workshops & Training

At Bermuda Clarity Institute, we help leaders develop clarity around their goals and the tools needed to achieve them. In our Houston leadership workshops, our experts work with individuals as well as leadership teams to help them recognize their leadership styles and then develop the skills they need to energize and lead their teams.

Whether you come to our beautiful new offices for your leadership training or we come to you, you’ll be assured of an engaging, creative, interactive experience. Depending on the workshop, you’ll spend anywhere from two hours to several days with our team members, and you’ll leave with a new sense of purpose and the skills you need to fulfill it.

Providing Innovative Leadership Workshops in Bermuda

Our Bermuda leadership workshops include:

  • Foundations of Clarity: This is a team-building workshop that helps participants better understand their organization’s identity, values and purpose and then determine where they want to go, with a vision statement for the future.
  • Mapping Clarity: In this workshop, we help leadership teams create a strategic plan and a roadmap for getting there.
  • Clarity in Action: These leadership workshops in Bermuda help leaders identify the core values and behaviors that make up their corporate culture. We then help them envision the new culture they want to create and how to effectively manage their existing and future talent pool.
  • Clarity 360: This helps leadership teams develop a “360 degree view” of their organization as it is currently and then guides them as they set goals and priorities for the future they envision.

We also offer leadership workshops in our Houston TX headquarters and wherever our clients need us to go.

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