Foundations of Leadership

6.5 hr session

Cost: $750 per person


  1. Golden Personality Profiler
  2. DCI Leadership Competency Assessment


Workshop Includes

  • Why? (write “leadership” why questions)
  • Golden Personality Profiler: understanding my core traits
  • Circuit Breakers: what depletes my energy
  • Leadership Competencies: building a great leader
  • Getting in the way of myself
  • Developing Goal: where do I need to improve
  • Stop/Start: knowing what is most important
  • Positive takeaway + Wrap-Up

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In order to lead others with energy, passion, and care, you need to lead yourself first. In this interactive workshop we will change our perspectives on leadership, put a focus on you as a leader,  and help you identify and pursue areas of personal growth.

Character makes trust possible, and trust is the foundation of leadership.” –John C. Maxwell