Employee Development Workshops & Programs

When you want to get your employees out of their comfort zone and start discovering their potential, bring them to the Bermuda Clarity Institute. Give them a chance to start thinking more deeply and become the best versions of themselves with our employee development services.

BCI is a life-changing, transformational space for visions and ideas around business transformation. Clients use us for engrossing and imaginative coaching, workshop and assessment programs for employee development. Bringing inspiration to the workplace and the business starts with the individual employees, and we’ll work them to develop their vision for the business and turn their ideals into action.

Setting the Standard for Employee Development Workshops

All of our content and employee development services come out of our inter-disciplinary team of researchers bringing in the newest insights on positive psychology and organizational studies, combined with novel approaches to play-based learning and engagement. We pride ourselves on being thought leaders in the field of leadership development and team-building. Our center is truly a space for thinkers and leaders to dig deep and uncover new possibilities.

At BCI, our workshops for employee engagement are all about clarity. We work with employees and leaders to think clearly and articulate their values and the mission of the business. We help them seek clarity in understanding the present and envisioning the future of the business. We show them how to find clarity in understanding their own gifts, skills and values as a part of that business.

Make Time for Programs for Employee Development Now

It’s time to get your staff out of the office and see what they can become in an inspiring, active and imaginative space like the Bermuda Clarity Institute. Spur growth, innovation and cultural transformation in your business with our in-depth programming and find out how far you can go. As soon as you’re ready to start learning, send us an email or use the contact form online to connect with us.