Corporate Think Tank & Learning Lab

The new Bermuda Clarity Institute is a world-class think tank as well as a learning lab, training center, and idea accelerator. The team of experts at our corporate learning lab in Bermuda, works with organizations and their executives to clarify their vision and goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Our think tank in Bermurda, is also open to individuals, business and civic leaders, and anyone who wants to improve their performance and results. At our Bermuda think tank, we offer a wide variety of innovative, yet proven assessment tools, coaching, and workshops to help leaders better understand their current leadership style and make changes that will result in a happier, more fulfilled and effective workforce.

Coaching for Today’s – and Tomorrow’s – Leaders

The experts at BCI come from a broad range of backgrounds, and we work with people at all levels of organizations, in many different industries and at every stage of their careers. Our corporate think tank for businesses helps leaders transition their organizations successfully from one stage to the next – whether it’s adjusting to changes in their industry, successfully navigating sudden growth or working through a crisis and emerging on the other side stronger than ever.

The coaching at our think tank includes:

  • Executive Coaching: A personalized one-on-one program to help people develop their leadership skills and build relationships to better achieve their goals
  • Leadership Development: A program designed for individuals and teams to help people meet the ever-evolving challenges of being an effective leader
  • Transitions: One-on-one coaching to help people transition through new stages in their lives and careers
  • Team Building: Working to build trust, communication and help teams work effectively toward shared goals

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To find out more about all the assessments, workshops and coaching services at our think tank in Bermuda, and how they can help enhance your productivity and performance, just complete the form on our website. Find out what a difference having clarity makes!