Company Culture Tools

At Bermuda Clarity Institute, we provide the imaginative company culture tools that you need to create a productive, engaging company culture that sets your company apart from the competition. We do this in many ways, from leadership training to hands-on coaching. One of our strongest tools is a company culture survey that helps to break down the various traits, strengths and weaknesses within the organization.

Our Surveys 

We have four main surveys that we use: Clarify Performance Index, Positively Safety, Psychological Safety Index and Behaviors 360. They all offer valuable insights and help you see how to measure company culture and maximize your potential on many levels.

To look at just one company culture survey and to see how this works, let’s look at the Clarity Performance Index. It establishes:

  • The current state of the organization
  • Where the business is misaligned
  • The largest performance gaps
  • A balance of strategy and culture

At the same time, it measures:

  • Direction
  • Operations
  • People
  • Engagement

The Clarity Performance Index is a perfect example of our company culture tools because it is our most widely adopted global assessment. The 60 questions give you invaluable insight and help you create an innovative plan to work toward the ideal company culture for your employees and your leaders. Our measurements provide direction and focus, and we then work with you to set you up for success with our unique training programs.

Contacting Us

Again, though, this is just one example. We would love to work with you on a full-scale company culture assessment that can help you define your company moving forward. Please get in touch with us via the website’s contact form.