360 Degree Company Assessments & Feedback

Organizations of all sizes and types turn to the experts at Bermuda Clarity Institute to help their leaders find organizational clarity through assessments, workshops, and coaching. Our award-winning team works with companies to improve their performance by tapping into the potential of every employee.

Why Assessments Are Crucial

Our 360 degree company assessments let us get comprehensive feedback from employees on how they see the organization and its leaders. This is a proven diagnostic tool that helps our team and your leaders learn where they are and – more importantly – determine how to get where they want to go.

Our Behaviors 360 assessment is a key component of our corporate 360 degree assessments. It helps managers gain awareness and understanding of their current leadership style. They can see how their own perception compares with that of the people who work for them.

With the benefit of 360 feedback, we work with an organization’s leaders to build a development pathway. This includes:

  • Reviewing the results, including 360 feedback examples
  • Creating a development plan
  • Establishing outcomes
  • Identifying a mentor or coach
  • Implementing the plan
  • Progress reviews

We offer a variety of assessments based on the needs and goals of the organization. In addition to the Behaviors 360 assessment, your organization may benefit from one or more of these:

  • Clarity Performance Index: Measures the organization’s current state, where it’s misaligned and where the largest performance gaps are
  • Psychological Safety Index: Measures how comfortable employees are reporting mistakes and challenging the status quo
  • Positively Safety: This looks at the safety programs and procedures within the organization as well as the psychological well-being of the employees

With the 360 degree company assessments and the benefit of 360 feedback, we lay a strong foundation to begin the work that’s needed to improve your organization’s culture, well-being and performance.

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