“Clarity precedes success.” The Robin Sharma quote rings true for organizations and clarity awaits.  The Foundations of Clarity workshop has a fundamental set of attributes that no matter the organization, no matter the challenges, they emerge with a clear vision for where they need to go and the groundwork for building out their culture with clarity. In an ongoing series of real-life use cases, below we share the story of one of our current clients – and their journey to continued success:


Bacardi Bermuda engaged with Bermuda Clarity Institute (BCI) for the ultimate goals of both aligning themselves culturally within the local office, as well as ensuring their vision and direction remain aligned and complementary to the goals of the larger Bacardi global group. The proposed research and workshop approach would help Bacardi Bermuda align on their organizational identity by making everyone ask “Who are we as an organization?

Leading up to the workshop, Bacardi team members participated in a survey where they were asked to rank their experience in 12 dimensions of performance and articulate purpose statements, characteristics, and values they identify with the organization. Our team used this data to create interactive plot maps for the ensuing workshop.

This was followed by the Foundations of Clarity workshop. Doug Mello, MD of Bacardi Bermuda shared with us the following after the workshop: “We loved being in the Clarity Learning Lab. It is so innovative and experiential. It enabled our team to feel more engaged, more innovative and creative.” Doug added “what an incredible place for us to work as a team – especially given the incredible technology including 4k video and surround sound, which permitted remote and local team members and Clarity to participate live in an incredible hybridized set of sessions.” 


Using the plot maps derived from the survey and guided by facilitators, the team worked through all of the submitted Purpose, Characteristics, and Value statements to establish the top 5 for each. Carefully bucketing every single statement submitted, the team ensured that every team member’s input and perspective was accounted for and evaluated.

Together, the team discovered their purpose, the glue that bound them together; their characteristics, what makes them distinctive from other organizations; and their core values, the beliefs they held in common. “A highlight was the facilitation on Characteristics, Purpose and Values that created a shared sense of direction and motivation” shared Doug. It was an intentional pause for Bacardi Bermuda: to define as a team why their organization exists, what about their organization that is enduring, and how they perform work. It was a step back to step forward with clarity.


Next up on the strategy front: defining Current and Future state to help Bacardi understand their competitive position in the market and help drive their decisions. The Current State exercise evaluates an organization’s competitive position and develops a strategic plan by analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The chief aim is to slow down and give the team time and space for an internal audit.

Next, they explored their future state, looking three to five years in the future and thinking about the visionary impact they can see Bacardi (and Bacardi Bermuda, specifically) making in the future. They challenged themselves with questions such as how the industry will change, trends on the horizons that could shape industry behaviors, customer and employee changes, and the most significant objectives they must accomplish. The facilitators dared the group to think big on their “hairy, audacious goals” and pushed them to dream bigger. 


A vision transforms an organization. It provides a picture of what could be. It is a catalyst that can drive an organization to move forward toward that dream. As dreams come true or realities change, visions change. It is a goal of the highest order.

The Bacardi team divided into three teams, and bolstered by the conversation and learnings from the day, each wrote out a draft vision. The groups then came together to share their draft visions and ultimately pull from each to establish one shared draft vision, a declaration of the organization’s objective. This process was an incredible step for the team to work together in defining the vision and strategic direction of the company.


As a cultural rule at the Bermuda Clarity Institute, workshops always end on a positive note. To wrap the day up, each team member wrote down One Positive Takeaway, which was collected to be shared with the group after the fact. Then, we wrapped up with a final exercise called I Admire. Going around in a circle, each team member turned to the person or screen beside them to say one thing they admired about their teammate, something they appreciated about that person and their work. With each person both receiving and giving praise, the positive energy was electric, the gratitude palpable.


By taking time out of their every day and coming together in a structured, creative environment, the Bacardi team started thinking through and aligning on foundational elements of their organizational identity. They were invited to take a step back, to listen and to dig through those elements that they had thus far assumed they were already aligned on – but not yet proven. But after concentrated, thoughtful time together, they became fully aligned around elements of Bacardi Bermuda culture and aligned on their forward-looking vision. This was clearly a team that thrives on challenge, a team diverse in perspective, and after chasing after Clarity, a team that will continue to succeed.