At the Bermuda Clarity Institute, we strive to help organizations achieve clarity. When an organization has a clear understanding of its identity–its characteristics, purpose, vision, goals, and values–it creates a united workforce with optimized performance. Your physical environment can have huge impacts on your productivity and headspace, so we intentionally designed an office that creates a holistic experience by reinforcing our values and pillars. There are designated spaces throughout our Institute that promote each of our five leadership competencies–curiosity, intentionality, positivity, collaboration, and creativity. Here’s a look into the Bermuda Clarity Institute and how we have incorporated these central competencies into our physical space – and in our hopes it might inspire you along the way.

The first competency, Curiosity, encourages us to keep our minds active and ask questions. The urge to know more and dive deeper keeps us from becoming complacent and pushes our team to come up with new, innovative solutions. The office features small, private spaces and circular seating areas to encourage us to be curious about our clients. When we create trust through intimate conversation, we can further explore the nature of our relationships and help our clients get to the root of their issues. The office also features several decorative arrows and street signs that direct us to action. As leaders, we must constantly question and reassess our direction and consider divergent solutions when solving challenges.

The next leadership competency that we highlight at the Bermuda Clarity Institute is Intentionality. Everything we do here at the BCI is deliberate and purposeful, which is reflected in our intentional office design. When you first enter the space, immediately to the left of the door stands a sculpture of a knight in armour next to a stack of old suitcases. These unique art pieces serve as a deliberate reminder to shed our armour, leave our baggage behind, and abandon our preconceived notions at the door as we enter the office. This encourages vulnerability, authenticity and for us to approach our work with purpose, only bringing into the office the things that serve us.

Positivity is the glue that binds us to our desired future state and helps us stay connected to our goals. The brightly-lit sign reading “POSITIVITY” that is hung up in the Learning Lab reminds us that positivity is the overarching theme across all of our work. When navigating uncertain circumstances, the positivity sign serves as a guiding light, encouraging us to stay optimistic. The office also features large windows and exposure to natural light, which is proven to improve our mood, energy, and alertness.

Collaboration is essential in the workplace because it improves problem-solving and encourages employees to share their ideas and knowledge freely. We can always accomplish more as a team than as individuals, because each team member brings a unique skill set and perspective to the table. The Learning Lab where we host our workshops is designed to encourage the collaboration of groups. The wide, open room has configurable tables and seating facing all different directions, promoting conversation between tables. In the Learning Lab, we host several Living Exercises such as Huemanize Mind Maps, Circuit Breakers, and Impact Drivers, all focusing on reframing our thoughts and ideas to improve collaboration, both personally and professionally.

Finally, Creativity is integral in the office because it allows us to view and solve problems openly and with innovation. Our mindfulness meditation room is a quiet, calm, reflective space with floor pillows for meditation. Mindfulness meditation is proven to enhance creativity by reducing cognitive rigidity and judgement. The colorful mandala painting in the meditation room is designed to allow the creative mind to run freely. Equally, the interactive chalk wall allows us to re-frame our experiences as journeys, to conduct like-walks and to acknowledge our past whilst projecting towards the future. In the Learning Lab, the 15 spinning, magic cubes taken from Leading Clarity have a mixture of whiteboards, statements of clarity, and exercises printed along their sides. These boxes encourage participants to push their inner creativity and use the cubes for a variety of exercises.

We know from experience that an innovative and thoughtfully designed workspace can increase employee engagement, productivity, and overall performance. Designating specific spaces within the office to focus on individual leadership competencies ensures that our work–and our headspace–is congruent with our institute’s values.

It’s in that spirit that we’d like to invite you to explore our space and see it for yourself! We are kicking off our open house learning lab series, aptly named “Catch up with Clarity”, so you can actually experience the research, participate in some exercises and explore the values we talk about in a tangible and tactile way. The first of these is on November 18th, 2021 from 4:30 – 6:30pm and they continue every Thursday at the same time for only 4 weeks, ending December 9th. These will be limited in attendance to create a blend of maximum personal value and respect for safe spaces – as such please book your spot now by RSVP using If you prefer to bring your team over for a custom tour, please email us at to request and we will be happy to accommodate you.

We look forward to seeing you in person and to learn more about our work at the Bermuda Clarity Institute, visit