leave changed.

This is leadership and organizational learning fundamentally rethought. Bermuda Clarity Institute marries science with play in a uniquely immersive and interactive way that is designed to spur individuals, leaders and teams toward the best version of themselves.

purposeful pathways.

We help leaders tap into individual and organizational clarity through our proprietary assessments, workshops and coaching.

thought leadership.

Fascinated by the human condition, we see the power of lingering in the questions and digging deeper into the unknown to cultivate understanding.

“It’s like Wonkaland for business.”

“It’s more than learning–it’s an unforgettable, life-changing experience.”

“This is what imagination without limits feels like.”

“The institute is where profound learning, growth, personal advancement and clarity happens, and it’s not only a learning lab but a studio for leaders, thinkers and doers.”

“The ultimate theatre of the mind.”

“They changed the energy of our leadership team and the trajectory of our company.”

“There’s a reason they dub it ‘The Greatest Workshop on Earth.’”

this could be the start of something great.

(not really, but now is better)

offsite insight.

We’ve been helping organizations gain clarity over the years through our assessments, tools, workshops and coaching. One thing we’ve noticed is that getting people out of their ordinary routine and into a different environment can really jump start amazing breakthroughs and spark critical conversations. And the tactile nature of our exercises really resonates with people. Sorting. Drawing. Stickers. Colored markers. It’s actually fun. So then we thought, why not take it a step further? Why not create a space that intentionally encourages being more active?
More play. More interaction. A space that ignites the imagination and shifts perspectives. A place that launches big dreams, breakthrough research and life-changing leadership skills. Where people come together to talk about ideas, issues and challenges. Where new ways to learn and grow are birthed. Where positivity is the glue that binds all tactics. In essence, a space that’s bigger than the space. And so, the Bermuda Clarity Institute was born.